The story

Morphart was born in Bogota in 1986.

He’s a graphic designer, illustrator and has been a storyteller for as long as his mother can remember.

His pseudonym or alter-ego, as he likes to call it, is made up of the union of his two true loves: drawing and Greek mythology.

In 2009 he was as an exhibitor of illustration in the art gallery ¼ in Bogota. Upon seeing that his work is made up of the world of daydreams and the surreal, he began to sign his work as “Morphart”. The name Morphart was inspired by Morpheo, the Greek god of dreams, as a tribute to his love of mythology.

He often hides small silhouettes of men on bicycles and of his best friend, a chocolate labrador, in his illustrations. It’s also common to see different messages and hidden symbols in his work.

He lived in the city of Medellin from 2006 until 2013. During that time, he worked for the newspaper El Colombiano (2011) initially as a member of the Laboratory for Strategy and Innovation (Laboratorio de Estrategia e Innovación, ECOLAB) in which he participated in the redesigning of the newspaper and was responsible for developing a strategy for illustrations and cartoons. It was there that he truly began his career as an illustrator.

He currently works as a freelance designer and illustrator. He has exhibited his illustrations in different cities across the world, including Bogota, Medellin, Buenos Aires, and Mexico City. His work has been published and distributed in a variety of publications, and used by clients in both the public and private sectors; including three books published independently by their respective authors.

Mis habilidades

  • Illustrator

  • Photoshop

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Escritura

  • Flash


A mi mejor patrocinadora

Quiero darte las gracias por creer en mí. Gracias por mis lápices de colores. Gracias por traerme de tus viajes una caja de marcadores. Gracias por siempre alimentar el mundo de la fantasía. Gracias por comprar para mí tantas hojas de papel. Gracias por tener el ojo que decía en dónde me fallaba la proporción. Gracias por no dejarme rendir en los momentos de duda. Gracias por estar ahí para el aplauso. Gracias  por el esfuerzo. Gracias por tu sincero interés de verme llegar más lejos en este loco mundo de mi cabeza.

“Gracias totales.”